Barriers to Internationalization for Japanese Universities? Or not…

Universities debate barriers to internationalisation – University World News.


‎”Many Japanese people prefer the current cycle, with no downtime between high school and college graduation before they start working”.

I find this argument difficult to accept. How can “many people” prefer one system, if they have never tried the other. Having a few months of “downtime” between graduation and working can be an important time for reflection and self discovery for young people. Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it.

“The hiring schedule of university graduates at traditional Japanese companies will need to become more flexible than the current rigid system, which hires employees only in April, to accommodate varying university graduation dates; otherwise, some students might be disadvantaged”.

True, some students may be disadvantaged if the semester systems were mixed. It is somewhat disheartening to consider the fact that “traditional hiring practices” in the business sector in Japan may be acting as a hindrance to reform and not the driving force behind forward looking innovative changes that it should be.

This article of otherwise very relevant arguments does absolutely however bring to light the complex and multifaceted challenges that are facing Japan, as it embarks on its goal of becoming an “international” nation.

Sheri Love Yasue



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