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Kaplan PLI schools in Toronto and Vancouver offer IELTS Intensive throughout the year. Considered the world’s most popular proficiency test and widely recognized in Canada for college and university admission IELTS Intensiveis becoming more and more popular.

カプランPLI語学学校はトロントとバンクーバはIELTS Intensiveコースは一年中受ける事が出来ます。世界一番人気の英語基礎能力試験と言われています。なのでIELTS Intensive はますます欧米のカレッジや大学への入学ための試験になっています。

Why take IELTS with Kaplan PLI?

  • ·        Weekly start dates throughout the year
  •   毎週から始まります
  • ·        Experienced Kaplan IELTS teachers
  •   カプランの先生はIELTSを教える経験あり
  • ·        Best results: Kaplan students improve 0.5/month on average
  •   ベスト結果:カプランの生徒は平均で毎ごと0.5レベルアップ
  • ·        Weekly simulation IELTS tests during the program
  •   毎週IELTSのシミュレーション試験あり


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Japan times東京の塾「Institute for a Global Society」は3月に発表した調査によると日本の高大生は「私には国際人になるのはもう遅いです。これから教育を受けても、遅いです」。

A recent survey conducted by the “Institue for a Global Society”, a Tokyo based cram school reported that 50% of high school students and 55% of university students felt,“It’s too late for me to become a globally active person even if I start receiving education now for dealing with a globalizing world.”

Do you agree with this high number?  Is this number high compared to young people in other countries?

Check out The Japan Times Article below for details.

ご意見を下さい! Feel free to offer your comments on this article!


From Sheri at GDI Canada


By カナダGDIシェリーです。
Check out the “ICEF Monitor”( article below that outlines what role Canada may play in the future as an important destination for international students.  The article, published June 12, 2013, compares Canada, the UK and Australia and asserts that Canada will continue to have the space to accommodate many international students in the years to come but polish its image in international education.  We hope that Canada remains an important leader, both now, and 10 years in the future.
“Where international students will study over the next decade”.  You can find the ICEF Monitor link to the article below.
icefCanada flag study abroad
An excerpt below from the article:

“When it comes to Canada, there is no capacity issue (the Canadian market assessment suggests that Canada can continue to enroll, without additional significant infrastructure expenditure, 7% more international students per year). However, Canadian schools are still building their image as it relates to prestige vis a vis top competitors in the US and the UK”.






バンクバーの英語学校KAPLAN PLIで英語の資格専用コースを取りませんか?授業料、ホームステイ、ホームステイプレースメント、本類と−10%オフは10週間およそ¥600,000、12週間は¥700,000です。お早めに申し込みをすると、入会費は無料!


Start date: September 9, 2013 (fulltime course, 26.25hrs/week)

1.       Cambridge Advanced English – CAE: Vancouver and Toronto (10weeks)

  • ·         Tuition: $4000
  • ·         Materials: $100
  • ·         Waived enrolment fee – $125
  • ·         10% discount on tuition Japan – $400
  • ·         Homestay twin: $2050
  • ·         Homestay placement fee: $240

TOTAL: $5990 with homestay or $3700 without homestay


2.       First Certificate in English – FCE: Vancouver and Toronto (12 weeks)

  • ·         Tuition: $4560
  • ·         Materials: $120
  • ·         Waived enrolment fee – $125
  • ·         10% discount on tuition Japan – $456
  • ·         Homestay twin: $2460
  • ·         Homestay placement fee: $240

TOTAL: $6924 with homestay or $4224 without homestay


3.       Cambridge Proficiency in English – CPE: Vancouver only (12 weeks)

  • ·         Tuition: $4560
  • ·         Materials: $120
  • ·         Waived enrolment fee – $125
  • ·         10% discount on tuition Japan – $456
  • ·         Homestay twin: $2460
  • ·         Homestay placement fee: $240

TOTAL: $6924 with homestay or $4224 without homestay




2013 Kaplan PLI_Cambridge_Exam_Preparation



留学- カナダに移民したいですか?このサイトへどうぞ。

Citizenship and Immigration CanadaCIC webpage logo

Come to Canada!

Answer a few questions and we can help you understand how to visit, study or live in Canada.

Do you think about immigrating to Canada?  Do you have some questions about the following that you want to ask?  The following website can help you with the list below.

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News Release — Come to Canada Wizard Attracts More Than Four Million Visits

Ottawa, June 10, 2013 — More than seven thousand people a day, from all around the globe, are using the Come to Canada Wizard to conjure up answers to their immigration questions. The Wizard has now seen more than four million visits since it was launched in August 2011.

“We want the world’s best and brightest to come to Canada and to help grow our economy,” said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. “The Wizard has made it easy for people to assess their personal eligibility to come to Canada and has simplified the first steps of applying, which saves them time and money.”


By GDIカナダのシェリーです