Camosun announces largest international intake in college history; International Centre opens at Interurban

October 1, 2013

“Camosun international enrolments reached an unprecedented high this semester, signifying a 35.7% increase over 2012, and enriching campus life through diversity, cultural awareness and global perspectives.

“The increase in international student enrolment over the past two years has been remarkable,” says President Kathryn Laurin. “As a result, we have been able to invest in enhanced student services to better serve our domestic and international student body, including the further development of study abroad options for Canadian students.”

“This year we’ve welcomed 215 more international students than September 2012, which represents a 35.7% increase, distributed between Camosun’s two campuses,” says Geoff Wilmshurst, Director of Camosun International. “Our Business, ESL and Technology programs at Interurban have shown strong growth, driving the need for enhanced services at Interurban campus.”

Responding to this increased need, Camosun International renovated their Interurban offices and marked the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony October 1. The new centre features expanded office spaces, providing improved services and increased staffing to better serve students. The number of Camosun International employees at Interurban has increased to nine dedicated staff, up from four, in addition to the 11-member contingent at Lansdowne campus.

These numbers represent the largest international student enrolments in Camosun’s history.

Since 1983 Camosun International has provided admissions, advising and counselling services for international students. In addition, CI develops opportunities for Camosun students to study abroad, and serves international clients with customized training overseas and in Canada.”

リンクを見てください。 by GDI Canada Office

Sheri Yasue



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