Camosun announces largest international intake in college history; International Centre opens at Interurban

October 1, 2013

“Camosun international enrolments reached an unprecedented high this semester, signifying a 35.7% increase over 2012, and enriching campus life through diversity, cultural awareness and global perspectives.

“The increase in international student enrolment over the past two years has been remarkable,” says President Kathryn Laurin. “As a result, we have been able to invest in enhanced student services to better serve our domestic and international student body, including the further development of study abroad options for Canadian students.”

“This year we’ve welcomed 215 more international students than September 2012, which represents a 35.7% increase, distributed between Camosun’s two campuses,” says Geoff Wilmshurst, Director of Camosun International. “Our Business, ESL and Technology programs at Interurban have shown strong growth, driving the need for enhanced services at Interurban campus.”

Responding to this increased need, Camosun International renovated their Interurban offices and marked the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony October 1. The new centre features expanded office spaces, providing improved services and increased staffing to better serve students. The number of Camosun International employees at Interurban has increased to nine dedicated staff, up from four, in addition to the 11-member contingent at Lansdowne campus.

These numbers represent the largest international student enrolments in Camosun’s history.

Since 1983 Camosun International has provided admissions, advising and counselling services for international students. In addition, CI develops opportunities for Camosun students to study abroad, and serves international clients with customized training overseas and in Canada.”

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Japan losing competitive edge due to poor practical training, expert warns | The Japan Times



The Japan Timesの記事によっては、一つの理由はグローバル人材は足りない。以下の記事をどうぞ読んで下さい。

By GDIカナダスタフSheri


Japan losing competitive edge due to poor practical training, expert warns | The Japan Times.


“Many firms are also building new factories overseas, and there is an increasing need for people that are comfortable working overseas. Under such circumstances, Japanese corporate managers should have international mindsets, Green said.  

Asked who in Japan fits this bill, he named Masayoshi Son, chairman of Softbank Corp., as one example.

“He promotes internationally thinking people and trains them in an international way. So people who’ve been part of his organization have a rough experience, but they become very well prepared for life in international business,” said Green, who has known Son since the time he was CEO of mobile services provider Vodafone Japan, which was later sold to Son’s company.”


kayak comox long shot



Comox Valley School District #71 and North Island College welcome you to Vancouver Island to study.  Why not choose to study at a destination less well travelled?  Many people have heard of cities such as Vancouver and Victoria, but what about Courtney, Comox and Tofino?  The central part of Vancouver Island has smaller communities with great schools and less international students, which means more native English speakers for you!

Check out the links below for School District #71’s homepage for international students:








And North Island College’s homepage:



PCLバンクーバー空港着のお客様はビクトリアまでバスとフェリーで行く方法を教えます!  お財布に優しいプライスや景色の素晴らしい行き方です。(バス→フェリー→バス)

Pacific Coach Bus Service between Vancouver Airport (YVR) and Victoria.  Take the scenic route to Victoria by bus and ferry.  It’s easy and affordable!

①  バンクーバー空港の国際Arrivalのゲートに到着。

2013-07-16 11.07.24

② ゲートの隣にPacific Coach Linesのカウンターでビクトリア行きの切符を買う。大人一人$44。学生$23.50。

2013-07-16 11.07.46

③ 必要であれば切符カウンターの隣に両替のブースがあります。

2013-07-16 11.08.01

④ 斜め前右にあるドアに出て、左を曲がります。

2013-07-16 11.08.48

⑤ バスセンターの⑨番で待ちます。ビクトリアが書いてあります。

2013-07-16 11.09.54

⑥ 時刻の「International Terminal Arrivals Level Departure」を見て。

2013-07-16 11.10.26

2013-07-16 11.10.18

⑦ Pacific Coach Lines 「パシフィック・コーチ・ライン」を乗ります。

PCL bus

⑧ ビクトリアに到着!

Downtown Victoria empress causeway

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留学-KAPLAN PLIバンクーバーはIELTSの公式テストセンターになりました。








GDIのパトナー英語学校はつい最近IELTSの公式テストセンターになりました。これからはKAPLAN PLIでIELTSの集中コースが終わったら、同じ場所でテストを受ける事ができるので、大変便利です!


「International English Language Testing SystemIELTS, アイエルツ)は英語熟練度を測る英語検定の1つで、ケンブリッジ大学ESOL試験機構、ブリティッシュ・カウンシル、IDP Education社によって協同で運営されている。アカデミック・モジュール(Academic Module、大学や他の高等教育機関への出願のためのテスト)とジェネラル・トレーニング・モジュール(General Training Module、一般的な生活、仕事や、移住関係に関わる英語のテスト)の2種類がある。



2007年に年間100万人を超える受験者を初めて記録し、高等教育機関受験および英語圏への移民のための試験として最も人気の高いものとなった。」 (







Leaving Japan with only a few months left on your passport can cause problems while overseas.

  1. パスポートを外国で更新するとお金がかかります。Renewing your passport overseas generally costs more.
  2. 日本から適切な書類を集まるのは大変です。Issuing important documents and getting them sent from Japan is difficult.
  3. ビザを新しいパスオートに移すのは、場合によって手数料がかかります。There is usually a feee when transferring your visa from the old passport to the new one.
  4. 留学を延長したい場合が複雑になります。 The process of extending your study abroad experience will become more complicated.
  5. 国によって、パスポートの有効期間満了日が充分残っていないとビザの発行は複雑になる場合もあります。Some countries won’t issue a visa if there is not enough remaining time left on the passport.

I hope these helpful tips will make your study abroad experience more enjoyable!

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BC Coat of Arms







Some say the competition between the provinces in Canada is quite strong.  Again this year, according to a nation wide poll, the western provinces won for popularity, management and reputation.  In particular, BC won again for “Most beautiful scenery” and “Place most Canadians want to visit”.  Way to go, BC!!




Capilano University to Offer ESL for Academic Credit: Capilano’s English for Academic Purposes Department is one of only a few in North America to do so



Posted: April 2, 2013

The Capilano University Faculty Senate has approved academic credit for two courses offered by the English for Academic Purposes Department (EAP). The Department was formerly called the ESL Department. Starting in the Fall semester of 2013, students taking the top-level EAP 100 and EAP 101 courses will receive up to six general elective credits which may be applied to academic programs at Capilano University.

The EAP Department at Capilano helps those students whose native language is not English to upgrade their academic English skills so that they are prepared for university-level work.

Historically, these types of ESL courses have not been credit-bearing courses. While ESL students at Capilano receive credit for ESL courses they take, that credit has not counted toward the completion of a degree program. With the recent vote, this has changed. Depending on the student’s major, the top-level EAP 100 and 101 courses can now be used as general elective credit. Academic departments at Capilano can decide whether to award zero, three, or six credits to students in EAP 100 and 101. The credits can be counted toward the completion of a degree program.

Capilano’s EAP Department is one of just a few programs in North America which have made the change to academic credit-bearing courses. According to Maggie Reagh, EAP Department Coordinator, ESL-type courses have usually been viewed as “preparatory.”

“Overall, historically, the feeling has been that ESL doesn’t have the academic rigor that other programs at the University have. However, the type of work which our top-level students are doing is at least equal to a university 100-level course. When you consider that our students are doing that work in a second language, you realize that they should be getting some recognition for it,” Reagh explained.

“This keeps us ahead of the curve in a very competitive marketplace, and if we can do that while helping students, it’s a win-win situation,” Reagh said.

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Kaplan PLI schools in Toronto and Vancouver offer IELTS Intensive throughout the year. Considered the world’s most popular proficiency test and widely recognized in Canada for college and university admission IELTS Intensiveis becoming more and more popular.

カプランPLI語学学校はトロントとバンクーバはIELTS Intensiveコースは一年中受ける事が出来ます。世界一番人気の英語基礎能力試験と言われています。なのでIELTS Intensive はますます欧米のカレッジや大学への入学ための試験になっています。

Why take IELTS with Kaplan PLI?

  • ·        Weekly start dates throughout the year
  •   毎週から始まります
  • ·        Experienced Kaplan IELTS teachers
  •   カプランの先生はIELTSを教える経験あり
  • ·        Best results: Kaplan students improve 0.5/month on average
  •   ベスト結果:カプランの生徒は平均で毎ごと0.5レベルアップ
  • ·        Weekly simulation IELTS tests during the program
  •   毎週IELTSのシミュレーション試験あり


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2013 Kaplan PLI_IELTSimage001






Japan times東京の塾「Institute for a Global Society」は3月に発表した調査によると日本の高大生は「私には国際人になるのはもう遅いです。これから教育を受けても、遅いです」。

A recent survey conducted by the “Institue for a Global Society”, a Tokyo based cram school reported that 50% of high school students and 55% of university students felt,“It’s too late for me to become a globally active person even if I start receiving education now for dealing with a globalizing world.”

Do you agree with this high number?  Is this number high compared to young people in other countries?

Check out The Japan Times Article below for details.

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